Article #25 S&P500 E-mini Forecast Review

There were almost no Change-In-Trend(CIT) points in the overnight market on August 5, 2015. This always makes it harder for MarketWarrior 5 to calculate the cycle that is operating on the 5 minute chart for the E-mini. On August 5 the overnight market basically sloped up with only two minor CIT. When I am forecasting the E-mini, I like to make the first calculation for the 5 minute forecast before the main trading session opens at 9:30 AM ET. On the chart below, I have calculated the forecast at 9:15 AM ET. I am using the DTN IQFeed and the continuous future symbol @ES#.

There are two main sections to this forecast. The first is a forecast bottom at 10:05 AM ET;  the second is a rally up to a double top pattern. The double tops occur about one hour apart at 11:40 AM ET and 12:45 PM ET. I have drawn a red arrow labeled A to mark this rally.

The second part of the forecast is a decline after the 12:45 PM ET forecast top. After this forecast top, the 5 minute forecast declines for the rest of the day. I have drawn a blue line labeled B, which identifies this decline.


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The chart below shows the pattern made by the E-mini on August 5, 2015. The forecast pattern was correct, but the E-mini made the pattern approximately one hour earlier than forecast. The red line labeled A1 shows the first rally of the day. This rally ran from 9:20 AM ET to 10:30 AM ET. The forecast shows a rally from 10:05 AM ET to 11:40 AM ET.

The E-mini made a double top at 10:30 AM ET and 11:25 AM ET. The forecast shows a double top at 11:40 AM ET and 12:45 PM ET.

The E-mini then declined after the top at 11:25 AM ET. For this day, August 5, 2015, the forecast pattern for the 5 minute E-mini was correct but it was offset from the actual E-mini price action by approximately one hour.


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