Article #8 Forecasting the S&P500 emini 60min chart

This is a review of the S&P500 E-mini forecast for June 10, 2015. The charts below shows the 60 minute E-mini symbol @ES# from DTN IQFeed. The MarketWarrior 5 software has an automatic forecast for the E-mini which just requires one button to be clicked to make the forecast. To use the forecasting tool you need to open the 60 minute chart for the E-mini and do a simple review of the most recent forecast. If the forecast is still accurately forecasting the Change In Trend (CIT) then you leave the forecast as it is. If the forecast is not accurately finding the CIT then you click the recalculate button.

The first chart below shows the MarketWarrior chart for the 60 minute ES. The chart shows the data through 9:00 AM ET on June 10, 2015. On this chart I have manually drawn red box labeled “Forecast Area”. This red box identifies June 10. At 9:00 AM ET I did a review of the forecast and decided it was still accurately finding the E-mini CIT so I made no change. If you look back at Article #5 you can see this forecast below is the same forecast shown in the Article #5 discussion of June 9. Next we will take a look at how the day ended up.


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The picture below shows the S&P500 E-mini chart at approximately 7:15 PM ET. The MarketWarrior forecast for June 10, 2015 had one CIT during the main session. This was a bottom CIT at 9:00 AM ET.  The chart below shows this forecast bottom CIT was exactly in the right place. When the 9:00 AM hour came around the E-mini started a rally and never looked back. This forecast would have help you be right with the intraday trend for a very large rally. The next step is to review the forecast in the morning of June 11, 2015 and make a decision to leave the forecast as it is or recalculate the forecast with a single button click.

If you like the forecast below download the MarketWarrior 5 free trial and subscribe to the DTN IQFeed free trial and watch the forecasts on your own computer.


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