Automatic Forecasts for Commodities

The Master Time Factor automatic forecasts are now available for daily commodity charts. The automatic forecasts have been available for the S&P500 ES futures contracts and now they are available for the following 22 futures: 1)Cocoa  2)Coffee  3)Copper  4)Corn  5)Cotton  6)Crude Oil  7)Feeder Cattle  8)Gasoline  9)Gold  10)Heating Oil  11)Lean Hogs  12)Live Cattle  13)Natural Gas  14)Orange Juice  15)Palladium  16)Platinum  17)Silver  18)Soybeans  19)Soybean Meal  20)Soybean Oil  21)Sugar11 and  22)Wheat. This indicator is now available in MarketWarrior 5.2016.7.5. The free trial is available for download here.


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