If you are trading End-of-Day you can sign up for Barchart.com and select the check box, 'I Do Not Want Real-Time Exchanges' on the order form. This will allow you to access all the historical data and delayed quotes. You can access all the Barchart.com historical data for expired futures contracts back to the 1960s. You also get all the symbols for stocks, penny stocks, futures, index, ETFs, Forex, US Mutual Funds, London stocks, Indian stocks, Australian stocks, international index, international futures and international funds. There are over 50,000 symbols pre listed in MarketWarrior.

The two pictures below show the subscription web site you need to use. To open this subscription web page Click Here.

Below shows the Step 1 and Step 2 on the subscription page.





The picture below shows Step 3 of the barchart.com subscription where you select the markets you want to subscribe to. In this picture I am pointing four items. Item A is a check box which you can check to only subscribe to the historical data and delayed data. Item B is pointing to the CBOT item "1 Minute Snapshot - $15.00/mo", please note that MarketWarrior will not work with the 1 Minute Snapshot.  Item C and D point to the two most popular items which are the Forex markets and the "NYSE LIFFE Metals" which includes the symbols for mini gold and mini silver. To see what symbols are included in each exchange option below Click Here.