Forecast S&P500 emini Dec09 to Dec12

I have two charts for this December 16 post. The first chart is the 60 minute S&P500 emini forecast for last week covering December 9 to December 12. This forecast was made using the free data downloaded using the MarketWarrior 5 downloader. The first chart shows the December 2014 ES contract through December 8, 2014. The blue line on this chart is the current percent change line. The red line is my forecast for the 60 minute chart covering Tuesday December 9, 2014 to Friday December 12, 2014.  This was made using the Master Time Factor method in MarketWarrior 5. You can see the forecast line slopes down almost the whole week. The second chart below shows how the forecast worked out.


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The second chart below shows the S&P500 emini data through Friday December 12, 2014. You can see the forecast was for a down week and the S&P500 did in fact have a down week. Again this is the 60 minute chart for ESZ14.

The current weeks forecast showing December 16, 2014 to December 19, 2014 has now been posted in the MarketWarrior 5 owners page. Login to the MW5 owners page and look for the item named “Forecast S&P500 emini Dec08 to Dec12” to see the current forecast.


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