Our forecasting service has weekly forecast updates for the following markets:

(-1-) EURUSD

(-2-) Yield on the 10 Year T-Note

(-3-) Dow Jones Industrial Average

(-4-) Silver

(-5-) Gold

(-6-) Soybean

(-7-) Corn

(-8-) Crude Oil

(-9-) Natural Gas

(-10-) Lean Hogs

(-11-) Coffee.


Here is the forecasting service home page here. https://mikulaforecasting.com/wordpress/


When you go to the forecasting service web site you can read the articles under the Getting Started menu or you can log in if you are a member.


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After you log in to the forecasting service site the menus will change to show the current forecasts.


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In the picture below I have dropped down the menu for the soybean forecast updates.


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In the picture below one of the soybean forecast updates has been selected.


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