MarketWarrior 4 can draw W.D Gann's Circle Chart of 24. Below is a Circle Chart. Notice that this Circle Chart has two numbers in each cell. The MarketWarrior Circle Chart can be setup to display prices in increments other than 1. On the Circle Chart below the price increment is 0.1. In this case the Circle Chart will display both the price and the cell number. For example on the Circle Chart below the cell 137 contains the price 37.7. Also on this Circle Chart the indicator "Planets on Outer Ring" has been added. This indicator will draw the planets at their correct longitude around the outer ring of the Circle Chart. From each planet there is a line drawn to the center of the Circle Chart.





Printing The Circle Chart in MarketWarrior:
MarketWarrior can print the Circle Charts. The picture below shows the print preview screen for printing a Circle Chart. The Circle Chart can be printed as multiple pages or it can be printed as Fit-To-Page on a single page.