MarketWarrior 4 Data Downloader

The picture below show the "Update" page for the Data Downloader in MarketWarrior 4. The downloader can download free data from Yahoo Finance. The downloader can download stocks, ETFs, some indexes and mutual funds. The downloader can also create split-adjusted data files for stocks.


The picture below shows the Data Downloader page for selecting what symbols you want to download. The letter "A" on the picture below marks the drop down menu where you can select preset groups of symbols. You can also type in your own symbols for items not in our preset lists. The letter "B" marks the check box to set the Data Downloader to use the Yahoo Finance split adjusted data. There is also a checkbox to identify futures symbols which only use the daily quote update and do not have any historical data available.
The final picture of the Data Downloader below shows the "View Data" page. In the Data Downloader you can select a symbol after you have downloaded it and you can view the data in a spreadsheet as seen below. You also have the opportunity to modify the data if you want to do so.