MarketWarrior 4 can draw W.D Gann's Hexagon chart as seen below. The Hexagon chart below shows several items at once. First the Hexagon has been setup to start with the price 26.5 and advance each cell with an increment of 0.25. Second, the indicator named "Circle High Low Price" has been applied to the chart. The green circle on 53.25_107 is circling the current closing price for the loaded data file. The red circles mark the pivot high prices and the blue circles mark the low pivots. Third, the indicator "Planets on Outer Ring" has been added to the Hexagon chart. This indicator draws the planet symbol at their appropriate location on the outer ring. Fourth, the zodiac signs have been added around the outer ring. Fifth, there are 3 lines drawn through the center of cells 42, 93 and cell 105. Sixth, the diagonal cross has been set to the color teal and the horizontal bar has been set to light green. The letter "A" marks the indicator names that have been added to the chart. The letter "B" marks the name of the data file that has been loaded into the chart. The letter "C" marks the setup settings for the Hexagon.




Printing The Hexagon chart in MarketWarrior:
MarketWarrior can print the Hexagon charts. The picture below shows the print preview screen for printing a Hexagon chart. The Hexagon can be printed as multiple pages or it can be printed as Fit-To-Page on a single page.