MarketWarrior 4 can draw W.D Gann's Square of Four chart as seen below. The first Square of Four shows a Square of Four with the indicator named "Circle High Low Price" The green circle on 146 is circling the current closing price for the loaded data file. The red circles mark the pivot high prices and the blue circles mark the low pivots.



On the Square of Four below I have set the price increment to 50 so there are now two numbers in each cell. The cell number and the price value. The increment of 50 is what I normally use when working with the DJIA. I do not use an increment of 1 because the square get too large and is less reliable. I use the increment of 50 as seen below which works better for high priced stock indexes. Also on the chart is an angle overlay shown as red lines.



The next Square of Four shows a square with dates in each cell. This is normally used to see what future dates fall on the cardinal cross and diagonal cross which are often dates for change in trend. The blue lines on this chart show a triangle overlay.



The final Square of Four below shows the indicator "Planets on Square" which will draw the planet symbols on the face of the Square of Four.



Printing The Square of Four in MarketWarrior:
MarketWarrior can print the Square of Four charts. The picture below shows the print preview screen for printing a large Square of Four. The Square of Four can be printed as multiple pages or it can be printed as Fit-To-Page on a single page.