MarketWarrior 4 can draw W.D Gann's Square of Nine charts as seen in the book "The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using W.D.Gann's Square of Nine". Below are four Square of Nine charts. The first Square of Nine below shows a Square of Nine with 1 in the center and a 45 degree angle overlay drawn on top the square.






On the Square of Nine below the planets have been added to the outer ring. A line has been drawn from each planet to the center of the Square of Nine.




The next Square of Nine shows a square with time in each cell. There is a lot of flexibility when setting up the Square of Nine in MarketWarrior. This Square of Nine is set to increment the time 1 minute per cell.



The final Square of Nine below shows dates in each cell. The start date and cell increment can easily be set for time cycle research. Here the start time is May/25/1998 and the increment is 1 trading day Monday to Friday per cell.




Printing The Square of Nine in MarketWarrior:
MarketWarrior can print the Square of Nine charts. The picture below shows the print preview screen for printing a large Square of Nine. The Square of Nine can be printed as multiple pages or it can be printed as Fit-To-Page on a single page.