Update September 2017: We have found a new free source of daily data for stocks and will be installing that in a program upgrade version soon. We still have not found any replacement for future contract data or intraday data which had previously been available from Yahoo Finance. Google Finance is now blocking requests for intraday time frame data for many symbols. Please note, we can not guarantee intraday data either delayed or historical will be available from Google Finance in the future.


In June 2017 Yahoo Inc is being sold to Verizon. As part of this sale Yahoo has ended their free data downloads. There is no free data history from Yahoo Finance.


MarketWarrior 5 has a data downloader that can download intraday and daily data for stocks from Google Finance. The program downloads standard 1 minute and 60 minute data and updates data files. With these time frames a chart with any other time frame can be built.


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Delayed Updates


Starting in June 2017 free delayed data updates are only available from Google Finance. The free data updates applies to individual stocks from the US. Other data symbols may be available but the full scope of symbols from Google Finance is always changing so you should test the symbols you are interested in.


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