New Forecasting Model in MW 5.2017.5.21

We have a new forecast model for the 5 minute and 60 minute charts in MarketWarrior 5.2017.05.21. The original forecasting model was designed for the S&P500 emini. This new forecast model is declined to work better on individual stocks, commodities and international indexes. The new forecasting model can also be recalculated more frequently with better results.

The chart below shows the 5 minute chart for Apple Inc. The US stock market opens at 9:30 AM and the forecast below was calculated at 10:50AM. When using this forecasting method you must allow the market to open before making the first forecast calculation of the day. The reason is simply that individual stocks often make a gap at the open that is used to calculate the correct cycle for the day. I usually recalculate the forecast every few hours but the 5 minute forecast can be recalculated more frequently if you want.

The picture below shows the forecast made at 10:50 AM for the Apple Inc. 5 minute chart.


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After the US stock market closed I took the picture below. I have drawn a red box around the forecast area on the chart above. This shows how the forecast worked out for the rest of the day. The 5 minute forecast for he next day can not be calculated until after Apple Inc. opens the next day at 9:30 AM.


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