New in MarketWarrior 5.2017.8.1

MarketWarrior (5.2017.08.01) is Available – We have added support for currency futures to the automatic forecasts for daily charts. This includes the futures markets below:
(1) Australian Dollar
(2) British Pound
(3) Canadian Dollar
(4) Euro
(5) Japanese Yen
(6) Swiss Frank
(7) US Dollar Index

MarketWarrior 5 can now make a daily chart forecast for these currency markets. We have also updated the automatic forecasts for cocoa futures and natural gas futures with the latest seasonal patterns. The picture below shows the daily chart for the Japanese Yen futures contract. The blue line is the automatic forecast. You can download the upgrade to this new version on the MarketWarrior 5 owner’s page. The free trial now includes this new version.


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