New in MarketWarrior 5.2017.9.14

In the newest version of MarketWarrior (5.2017.9.14) we have added support for forecasting five more commodity markets. This brings the total number of future markets that MarketWarrior 5 can make an automatic forecast for, to 34 markets. The new markets are listed below.

(1) Lumber
(2) Rough Rice
(3) Oats
(4) Kansas City Wheat (Hard Red Winter)
(5) Minneapolis Wheat (Hard Red Spring)

Also in this new version of MarketWarrior 5 are updates to all the seasonal patterns for all 34 futures markets. The daily chart automatic forecasts use seasonal patterns based on the instructions in W.D. Gann’s Master Commodity Course.

The chart below shows the automatic forecast for the December 2017 Kansas City wheat chart.

Kansas City Wheat

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