New in MarketWarrior 5.2018.7.20

MarketWarrior (5.2018.7.20) – upgrade is available for download on the Owner’s Page. This version is also available on the 30 day free trial page.

(#1) This version has updated the protocols for DTN iQFeed to version 6.0. This will work with the iQFeed Client is or higher. If you have a subscription to DTN iQFeed, the client software is free to download. To open the DTN customer web site Click Here.

(#2) We have removed the indicators that use fundamental data files from Yahoo Finance. The fundamental data is no longer available. We have removed the option for real-time/delayed updates from Yahoo Finance because this no longer available.

(#3) We have added built-in Yahoo Finance symbol lists for Australia, Italy and France. The new symbol lists can be found on the Download New File dialog box. Start by clicking the button below ,Download New File,