S&P500 emini 60 minute forecast

My forecasts for the 60 minute chart are made using MarketWarrior 5 and the Master Time Factor Charts. I could not post a forecast for last week’s 60 minute S&P500 chart. Last weeks 60 minute S&P500 chart is below. The red line in the picture is the best fit historical cycle for last weeks 60 minute chart. The blue line is the actual percent change line for the 60 minute chart. You can see the S&P500 again followed the historical cycle very closely as it usually does.  I will be posting a forecast for next week after the market closes on Monday. I will post daily updates to the forecast in the MarketWarrior 5 owner’s page.


New Tutorial for Forecasting 60 Minute S&P500

This week’s 60 minute forecast for the S&P500 emini has been updated to forecast Friday September 19th.

I have uploaded a new tutorial in the MarketWarrior 5 owner’s page. The tutorial discusses forecasting the 60 minute chart for the S&P500 emini. This tutorial is using the Master Time Factor in MarketWarrior 5. The title is: Sep 15 – M.T.F. Tutorial 60 minute SP500.  Log into the MarketWarrior 5 owners page to read this tutorial.


Super-Pitchfork Update

The picture below shows a picture of the MarketWarrior Super-Pitchfork. In the latest version of MarketWarrior 5 we have updated the Super-Pitchfork. The Super-Pitchfork now can draw the three primary lines of the pitchfork backwards. In the second picture I have set the lines to draw backward so you can compare the two pitchforks.

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In the picture below the Super-Pitchfork has drawn the Median Line, the Upper Parallel Line and the Lower Parallel Line backwards. Drawing the lines backwards when selecting the three starting pivot points can help setup a better pitchfork.  The more pivot points the backward pitchfork lines touch the better. In the picture below the backward Median Line is touching a bottom pivot at point A. Then the market makes a top against the Upper Parallel Line at point B. This is a very common setup using the Super-Pitchfork.

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New Gann Angle Indicator

On July 7th, we released an update for MarketWarrior 5. This release includes a new Gann Angle tool. The most important new feature is that the angle price step is now calculated automatically when the indicator is added to a chart. The calculation for the price step is based on the instructions and discussions in Gann’s Master Stock Course and Master Commodity Course.

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The new Gann Angle indicator also has a new setting allowing the indicator to draw the angles backwards. The picture below shows the Gann angles seen in the top picture now drawing backwards to the left.

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Using This Website After You Subscribe

After you sign up for a subscription to Mikula Forecasting Service, you will need to log in and use the web site. This web page will describe how you can use this site.

(-1-) Before you log-in, the web site will show the menu labeled, ‘Log-In.’  Click This link to open the log-in page.

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(-2-) After you log-in, you will see your profile page. Our forecasting service site is hosted by WordPress so you will see two WordPress pages. The first is the profile page which is shown below. This page is where you can change your screen name or password.



(-3-) The next WordPress page is the Dashboard. This page does not have any settings and can be ignored.


(-4-) To open the forecast service click the link at the top left that reads ‘Mikula Forecasting Service.’  This will take you to the version of our website for logged-in subscribers.



(-5-) On the subscriber page the menu items listed across the top of the page are different. We have one drop down menu for each market we forecast. You will also see the menu item “Membership Account.” .



(-6-) The picture below shows the forecast menu for EURUSD dropped drop. The current forecast is always the top item. The back issues will be underneath in the drop down menu.




Q: How much does a subscription cost?


A: We have four membership levels. You can see the subscription button for the subscriptions under the top menu named “Membership Levels

(-1-) The 3 month subscription is $75. This subscription does not automatically renew and will expire after 3 months.

(-2-) The 6 month subscription is $150. This subscription does not automatically renew and will expire after 6 months.

(-3-) The 1 year subscription is $300. This subscription does not automatically renew and will expire after 12 month.