April 15, 2018 Forecast Updates

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Sunday Apr 15 Crude Oil & Natural Gas – This week I have included a political discussion about the situation in Syria. Events are moving fast and they are leading to some very big changes. This is all about control of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, oil pipelines and the creation of the Mediterranean Union.   
Sunday Apr 15 Coffee
Sunday Apr 15 Gold & Silver
Sunday Apr 15 Lean Hogs & Live Cattle
Sunday Apr 15 Soybean & Corn & Wheat
Sunday Apr 15 EURUSD, Bitcoin
Sunday Apr 15 DJIA & Shanghai Composite
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Sunday Apr 22 Crude Oil & Natural Gas
Sunday Apr 22 Coffee
Sunday Apr 22 DJIA & Shanghai Composite
Sunday Apr 22 EURUSD, Bitcoin
Sunday Apr 22 Soybean & Corn & Wheat
Sunday Apr 22 Lean Hogs
Sunday Apr 22 Gold & Silver