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October 8, 2016: - New MarketWarrior (5.2016.10.5) is Available - If you are using the DTN IQFeed with MarketWarrior 5, this version requires the DTN IQFeed client software version 5.2 or higher. If you are using DTN and MarketWarrior, you can upgrade to this new MarketWarrior version after you upgrade to the IQFeed v5.2.  Login to the MarketWarrior 5 Owner's page to download the upgrade installation.

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July 29, 2016 - This new version of MarketWarrior 5 expands the automatic forecasts for the S&P500 Emini to work on any 5 minute and 60 minute chart. The indicator can now forecast any market on the 5 minute and 60 minute time frame. We have also updated the automatic downloads for the Yahoo Finance Dow Index symbols so they work with the changes made recently on the Yahoo web site.


July 7, 2016: - The Master Time Factor automatic forecasts are now available for daily commodity charts. The automatic forecasts have been available for the S&P500 ES futures contracts and now they are available for the following 22 futures: 1)Cocoa  2)Coffee  3)Copper  4)Corn  5)Cotton  6)Crude Oil  7)Feeder Cattle  8)Gasoline  9)Gold  10)Heating Oil  11)Lean Hogs  12)Live Cattle  13)Natural Gas  14)Orange Juice  15)Palladium  16)Platinum  17)Silver  18)Soybeans  19)Soybean Meal  20)Soybean Oil  21)Sugar11 and  22)Wheat. Click the picture below to see what the forecasts look like. This indicator is now available in MarketWarrior 5.2016.7.5. The free trial is available for download here.

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June 16, 2016 - The Million Dollar Pivot Finder (MDPF) has been installed in MarketWarrior 5. This is a zero delay pivot finder that places a triangle above or below a price bar when the indicator determines a change in trend has occurred. The MDPF does not reposition the triangle marking the forecast change in trend. This indicator is now available in MarketWarrior 5.2016.6.2.

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The chart below shows the MarketWarrior 5 automatic forecast for the S&P500 E-mini. This forecast can now be made with data from DTN IQFeed and the free delayed data from Yahoo Finance. To use this forecast in the free trial, just open one of the sample 5 minute chart that comes with the trial. Then click the forecast button to update the forecast. That is all it takes. The chart below was made using DTN IQFeed.








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