Alpha Vantage Data Service

Alpha Vantage is a data service that offers a free entry level data service and several premium paid membership levels. To use Alpha Vantage, you need to sign up and get a free API Key. The free data service has some basic limits. There can be 5 calls to the Alpha Vantage server per minute and a total of 500 calls per day. This makes the downloading a little slow but the free membership level still works well. Below are instructions for getting an Alpha Vantage API Key.

To sign up for Alpha Vantage and get a free API Key open the web page at the link below.

Alpha Vantage Signup

On the Alpha Vantage home page click ‘GET YOUR FREE API KEY TODAY’.

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The next web page is titled Claim Your API Key. Fill out the form below and click the button, GET FREE API KEY.

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After a moment the API Key will appear at the the bottom of the page. Copy the API Key top a safe place.

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The link below is for the web page to subscribe to a Premium Alpha Vantage service.

Alpha Vantage Premium

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