Quandl Data Service

1)_What is Quandl

Quandl is a data service that has some free data and also paid premium data services. It resells data from dozens of other sources. MarketWarrior 5 can download Quandl symbols to which you have access. To use the free data ,you will need to signup and get a free API Key from Quandl which is described below. If you decide to subscribe to a paid Quandl service, you can let us know which one and we will install the Quandl symbols into a MarketWarrior symbol list to make using the Quandl premium service as easy as possible.

To sign up for Quandl and get a free API Key, open the Quandl sign up web page at the link below.

Quandl Signup

On the first sign up page, there three items. Enter your First and Last name. Then select the round button for ‘Personal’ indicating the data will be used for your personal use. Click Next.

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On the second page, enter your email address. For the question “How will you use the data?” select the item “To inform personal investments”. Click Next

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On the third and final sign up page, enter a password and check the need agreement boxes. Click “Create Account”.

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After you click Create Account, your API Key will be displayed. Save this API Key somewhere safe. You will need to install this into MarketWarrior.

Finally you will need to confirm your email address.

Once you are fully registered, you will be able to review all the premium services of Quandl. Remember if you decide to subscribe to a premium service send us the name of the service, and we will try to install all the symbols for you. Many of the free symbols are already installed in MarketWarrior 5.

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See the MarketWarrior 5 help file for more information about using Quandl Data in MarketWarrior 5