Article #7 Forecasting the S&P500 emini 5min chart

The chart below is a 5 minute chart for the S&P500 E-mini covering the day June 10, 2015. To create this chart I am using the MarketWarrior 5 software and the DTN IQFeed symbol @ES#. The forecast seen on this chart is the automatic E-mini forecast made by MarketWarrior 5. I calculated this forecast at 9:20 AM ET. The automatic 5 minute chart forecast covers one day. You can recalculate any time during the day if you choose, but the forecast must be recalculate at least once a day to create the forecast for the current day.


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The picture below shows the 5 minute data through the end of the day on June 10. For the three CIT that occurred during the main trading session I have added red dotted lines showing how they lined up with the price data. The first two CIT show a decline for 35 minutes between the forecast top at 9:50 AM ET and the forecast bottom at 10:25 AM ET. This decline did not take place. The second and third CIT show a rally between the forecast bottom at 10:25 AM ET and a forecast top at 12:30 PM ET. This was a correct forecast and the E-mini did rally during this two-hour time period. So during the main trading session this forecast was wrong for approximately half-hour and was accurate for approximately two hours.

If you like the forecast below download the MarketWarrior 5 free trial and subscribe to the DTN IQFeed free trial and watch the forecasts on your own computer.


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