MarketWarrior 5 Free Trial

The current version of MarketWarrior is: 5.2018.10.2

(-Step 1-)Please download both installation programs below. Run the MarketWarrior 5 install program first and the help file install program second.

Download the 30 day Trial Here. The file size should be: (42,236 KB).
DOWNLOAD TRIAL (click here)

Download the Help Files for the trial here. The file size should be: (45,608 KB).


It may help to download the file using the Context-menu Save link As….


(-Step 2-) Find the file “setup_mw5_Oct2.exe” and run this install program.


(-Step 3-) After the installation the MarketWarrior icon will be on the desktop. Run the program using the menu Run as administrator. This menu is in the desktop icon Context Menu and is seen below.


When MarketWarrior is run for the first time, the Software Activation message box will appear. This is seen below. Click the button Activate and the program will start.


The second time MarketWarrior is run, the Software Registration dialog box will appear. Enter your registration code and click Register. Then the program will start.


(-Step 4-) Find the file “mw5_Help5.exe” and run this install program. This will install the help files.