Article #20 Forecasting the S&P500 emini 5min chart

Here is a review of the 5 minute S&P500 E-mini forecast for July 08, 2015. I worked on a few market reviews last week but did not have time to post them so I am going to do a little catch up this week. On July 08, 2015 as the main trading session approached, I calculated the forecast for the 5 minute S&P500 E-mini. The main trading session opens at 9:30 AM ET. I actually did the calculation at 8:55 AM ET. The forecast picture is below.

This is an unusual forecast for two reasons; first there was a lot price volatility leading up to 8:55 AM. The over night price action was very active. Second is the fact that the forecast slopes down almost all day. It is unusual to see a E-mini intraday cycle that moves down all day. This forecast was made using the DTN IQFeed and MarketWarrior 5.  The symbol used is @ES# from DTN, which is the continuous nearby contract.


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The picture below shows the same forecast as above, but now the price data has filled in. I took this picture at 16:10(4:10) PM ET. This did turn out to be an unusual day because the S&P500 E-mini actually did slope down through most of the day. I am not going to review each of the forecast Change-In-Trend (CIT) points in this forecast. The overall pattern in the forecast was correct, which is very powerful. The 5 minute forecast for the E-mini is quickly becoming the most popular feature in MarketWarrior 5.


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